Great British Stories

Our Great British history of storytelling dates back centuries – which is no surprise considering our green and pleasant land is wall-to-wall with awesome legends and incredible dragon-slaying fables, all set against a backdrop of lush rolling hills, beautiful lochs and stunning natural scenery.

So we took to the streets to find people with tales of great adventure. We’ve loved hearing all their stories and hope they will inspire you to get out into the Great British countryside and embark upon a few adventures of your own.

A Tale of Two Swans

Rowers Mary and Lauren find out if swans are friend or foe in "A Tale of Two Swans".

Chased by a Fish

The one that just couldn't get away in Sir John’s Shrewsbury story "Chased by a Fish".

Sleepwalking Shenanigans

Will Tim’s friend sleepwalk his way to disaster in our story of high drama on the Exeter hills?

A Close Encounter

Rowers Mary and Lauren find out if swans are friend or foe in "A Tale of Two Swans".

Above the Clouds

Jo’s brave balloonist boyfriend gets in a pickle high above Bath. Can Jo come to the rescue?

Taking a Punt

Ashley found a great way to simmer down after getting frustrated with a new crew member.


Cautionary tale for parents who want to get too involved in their kids' sailing lessons.

Mr Darcy's Drop

Name your dog after a Jane Austen hero like Mark from Great Yarmouth.

The Magnificent Bike Repair

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Wheels Cycling Centre repair man to the rescue!

Windsurfing Wonderkid

Find out how Tris from the Official Test Centre created a windsurfing wonderkid in Weymouth.

Houdini Horse

Laris Farm's horse has an amazing talent that could take him far – but it never does…

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