Our Premier Inn mobile apps

Over 750 hotels in your pocket. Our helpful apps make searching for a hotel and booking a room even speedier. Log in, store your details securely and book with just a tap

Our slick apps are packed with handy features:

  • Find a hotel nearby This quick search allows you to find the hotel closest to you – or choose from over 750 locations.
  • Simple booking Check availability, book a room, add on a Premier Inn Breakfast and pay securely – in just a few taps. 
  • Exclusive Saver rates Saver is our lowest room rate and it’s only available here at premierinn.com and on the Premier Inn app. You won’t find this rate anywhere else, including price comparison websites.
  • Review your bookings Create a My Premier Inn account and you can view past and future reservations or amend your details – all in one convenient place.

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