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Nottingham is a historic midlands city known for being the mythical home of Robin Hood, a place to watch lively gigs at venues like Rock City or the Royal Concert Hall, and a great place to go shopping at centres like the Exchange and the intu Victoria Centre.

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About Nottingham

What is Nottingham famous for?
A bustling student city, Nottingham is also bursting with history. The city is probably best known for being home to the mythical figure of Robin Hood, and was once an international centre for lace manufacture. It’s home to the UK’s oldest pub, was the birthplace of HP Sauce and every October sees visitors flock to the city to experience the Goose Fair at the Forest Rec; this fantastic fairground has been coming to the city since 1284.

What is a person from Nottingham called?
People from Nottingham are generally referred to as Nottinghamians, although they will sometime affectionately refer to themselves as ‘Boggers’ or call each other ‘duck’ as a term of endearment.

How large is Nottingham?
Nottingham covers an area of around 47 square miles and has a population of approximately 333,000 people.

Does Nottingham have an accent?
Yes, Nottinghamians have a very distinctive east midland accent, taking some nuances from both northern and southern dialects, but introducing several of their own words and phrases. ‘A-yup mi-duck’ is a common greeting, as is ‘tarrah then’ to say goodbye.

What did Nottingham used to be called?
It is believed that the name Nottingham derives from Anglo-Saxon times, when the settlement fell under the rule of a chieftain named Snot. This led to the area being called Snotingaham, meaning ‘the homestead of Snot’s people’.

How many tourists visit Nottingham each year?
Nottingham sees around a quarter of a million visitors each year, making it the 18th most popular tourist city in the UK.

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Visiting Nottingham

What food is Nottingham famous for?
Nottingham and the surrounding Nottinghamshire area is famous for Stilton cheese, which was created in Colston Bassett nearby, pork pies, which originated in the city in 1883, and Bramley apples, as the original Bramley Apple tree still bears fruit in Southwell just half an hour outside the city.

Is Nottingham safe?
There are some areas of Nottingham with higher crime rates, but not in the city centre where most visitors tend to stay. The streets can be fairly lively at night, so be particularly aware of your friends and possessions if you’re out making the most of the nightlife, but in general you’re unlikely to experience too many problems in the city.

How much is a pint of beer in Nottingham?
The average price of a pint in Nottingham is £3.81, according to a 2018 study.

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What to do in Nottingham

What is there to do in Nottingham for free?
You can soak up many of Nottingham’s excellent sights and attractions just by exploring the city by foot. Spots like Old Market Square, Nottingham Castle Wharf Canalside and the city’s many central parks such as The Arboretum provide a historic and cultural insight into Nottingham’s history.  Several art galleries such as the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery are also free to enter. Explore our range of budget hotels in Nottingham.

Where can I go for a night out in Nottingham?
With a thriving student population, Nottingham’s pubs, bars and clubs offer a variety of styles and choices depending on what takes your fancy. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is built into the rock around Nottingham Castle and is believed the be the oldest pub in the UK. The Boilermaker is a secret speak-easy style cocktail bar disguised as a dilapidated boiler showroom, or you can head to 400 Rabbits to taste their specialty tequilas. Popular nightclubs include Stealth, which has twice been voted one of the best nightclubs in the world, and PRYZM, which is the largest club in the city.

Find out more about Nottingham’s fantastic nightlife with our guide.

What can couples do in Nottingham?
If you’re planning a romantic date day in Nottingham, you could start with a stroll along the Canalside which offers the perfect space for a quiet walk away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or head to the Sneinton Farmer’s Market (open Monday and Saturdays) to taste some of the exciting local produce. Soak up some culture at one of the city’s many art galleries and museums, before heading for a fancy dinner at Sat Bains, a two Michelin-star restaurant with a range of tasting menus to suit most budgets. Finish up with a cocktail or two at the mysterious Boilermaker bar on Carlton Street (but you’ll have to find the secret entrance at the back of an old boiler sales room first).

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Getting around Nottingham

How far is Nottingham from London?
Nottingham is around 110 miles north of London. Direct trains take around an hour and three quarters between the two cities, or you can drive in about two and a quarter hours.

How far is Nottingham from Birmingham?
Nottingham is around 45 miles north-west of Birmingham. Direct trains take around an hour and a quarter, or you can drive in about an hour.

Discover more about the city with our detailed Things to do in Nottingham guide.

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