Hotels in Liverpool

Famously the home of The Beatles and the Grand National at Aintree racecourse, Liverpool is recognised as one of the top cities of culture in Europe. Liverpool is great for a weekend break, with Royal Albert Dock, Tate Liverpool and brilliant cafes all a convenient walk along Liverpool’s scenic riverfront. There’s also plenty for families to do, Liverpool has a Nerf Centre, Escape Rooms and the Liverpool Wheel on the docks is a great spot for taking in panoramic views of the River Mersey.

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About Liverpool

Where is Liverpool?
Liverpool is in the North West of England, in the county of Lancashire, about 180 miles north-west of London and 30 miles west of Manchester.

What is Liverpool famous for?
Liverpool is celebrated as a cultural hotspot, with a flourishing music, arts and comedy scene, while music fans will recognise it as the birthplace of The Beatles. The city is also famous for its two Premier League football clubs, boasts a huge variety of listed buildings, and draws visitors for its exciting nightlife and attractions.

Why is Liverpool called Liverpool?
The name Liverpool is thought to originate from the city’s beginnings as a tidal pool of the River Mersey – this led to the name Lifer Pool, meaning ‘muddy pool’.

What’s a Scouser?
A Scouser is a friendly nickname for anyone born or growing up in Liverpool – their distinctive accent is usually referred to as Scouse. The term derives from lobscouse, a Baltic stew that was popular with the sailors who worked in the Liverpool docks.

What is the population of Liverpool?
The current metropolitan population of Liverpool is estimated to be around 900,000 people.

How big is Liverpool?
The city of Liverpool itself is around 43 square miles, while the urban area is closer to 77 square miles.

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Visiting Liverpool

What is Liverpool like to visit?
Liverpool is a friendly, vibrant city with plenty to offer couples, families, friends and business travellers alike. The centre is chock full of shops, museums and restaurants, all based around the River Mersey, and football fans can enjoy a visit to Anfield, home to Liverpool Football Club. We also have plenty of budget hotels for you to enjoy.

How do you say hello in Liverpool?
As people in Liverpool speak English, a simple ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ should usually suffice, but you may hear people use variations of ‘hiya’ (usually pronounced ‘iya’) or ‘alright’ (pronounced ‘arite’) as a greeting.

What food is Liverpool famous for?
Probably the most famous traditional dish in Liverpool is scouse, a hearty red meat stew with potatoes, carrots and onions. This originated from lobscouse – a dish brought to the city by sailors travelling from around the Baltics. You’ll be able to find and try this at a variety of pubs around the city. Other famous dishes from Liverpool include Wet Nelly dessert, which is similar to bread and butter pudding, and Bubble n Squeak, which is a regular favourite for locals.

How safe is Liverpool?
Liverpool is, for the most part, a safe city to visit. As with any city, you just need to be aware of yourself and your belongings, particularly at night, but in general, visitors are unlikely to encounter issues.

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What to do in Liverpool

How old is the Liver Building?
The Royal Liver Building is one of Liverpool’s most iconic landmarks, which houses two Liver Bird statues on its roof. Opened in 1911, this Grade I listed structure is around 110 years old. Visitors can enjoy 360° views of the city from the top of the building.

What is the main shopping street in Liverpool?
Bold Street is one of the best shopping streets in Liverpool (and some say, the country) with a bustling mix of independent shops offering an exciting mix of products. Or, for a wide range of high-street options, head to Liverpool ONE, an open air shopping centre in the middle of the city.

Find out more about shopping in Liverpool with our guide.

How can I spend 2 days in Liverpool?
There are more sights and attractions in Liverpool than you could squeeze into 48 hours, but the city is still well set up for a weekend break. Unmissable activities include a Magical Mystery Tour, which shows you some of the top locations from the history of The Beatles – this will also help you get an idea of the layout of the city. The Museum of Liverpool is another excellent option, and we recommend visiting landmarks like Liverpool Cathedral. Don’t forget to try some of the city’s fantastic cafes and restaurants, and head to Albert Dock in the evening to enjoy Liverpool’s legendary nightlife.

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Getting to Liverpool

Is there a direct train from London to Liverpool?
Yes, it’s possible to head straight from London to Liverpool without having to change trains. The journey from Euston station to Liverpool take around two hours.

How long does it take to get from London to Liverpool?
Depending on how you travel, you can expect a journey to take from two hours by train, or around three and a half hours to drive. It’s about an hour’s flight from London Heathrow to Manchester, and then an hour and a quarter from there to Liverpool by train.

Discover more about the city with our detailed Things to Do in Liverpool guide.

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