Business Account help

How do I activate my card?

For security reasons, each cardholder on the account will need to register their card - this will activate the card ready for use. This will need to be completed online at, selecting the register now option. The unique registration code which you'll recieve with the card, will need to be entered here. Once you have registered your card, it will be activated and ready to use. By registering your card, you'll also be able to pre-authorise accommodation, meals and sundries online, and allows you to manage your account (or card if, you are a card holder) online. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the Business Account Support team on 0870 608 8666.

How do I book online with my Premier Inn Business Account?

Using your Premier Inn Business Account to book online is easy - just enter your card details when requested as you would for a credit or debit card.

How do I log in to my Business Account? 

To log in to your Business Account, just go to and enter your Business Account log in name and password. 

How do I unlock my Premier Inn Business Account?

If you have locked your Business Account pre-payment authorisation online, you will need to contact the Business Account help line on 0870 608 8666 for further assistance. Alternatively you can email them at

How do I make a group booking using my Business Account?

If you wish to make a group booking of 5-9 rooms, please call our Central Reservations team on 0871 527 9222. To make a group booking of 10+ rooms, please call the Groups Desk on 0871 527 9253. Calls to these numbers cost 13p a minute plus any additional charges from your phone operator.

Are bookings I have made using my Business Account guaranteed?

Yes, provided you give us your card number at the point of booking. If you cancel your room before 1pm on the day you’re due to arrive, no charge will be made. If you wish to cancel your room after 1pm on the day of arrival, your card will be charged for the first night for each room you have booked with us.

Can I make bookings for other individuals and guarantee payment, without sending a fax?

This function would only be used if you were booking on behalf of someone else without their own Business Account Card. Once you have registered online you no longer have to send faxes to confirm payment. 

To register for this function, you will need to go online to under the Business Account section and follow the links from there. Once you are registered you can then authorise online payment. If you require any assistance registering online, please call the Helpline on 0870 608 8666. 

Where can I use my Business Account?

  • At any Premier Inn in the UK
  • In many of our restaurants, please call ahead to confirm in advance
  • For Premier Inn meeting rooms

How do I pre-authorise food and beverages?

Yes, you can securely pre-authorise charges for meals and sundries, as well as accommodation for your guests to your Business Account. This includes parking, Wi-Fi upgrades, breakfast and dinner. Before arrival, the hotel will have all the details of your pre-authorised booking. You will receive an email receipt after check-in and reception will provide a restaurant authorisation voucher for the guest.

How do I limit how much a non-cardholder staying on the Business Account spends?

When you send a confirmation fax to the Premier Inn confirming the booking or confirm online, please include the spend limit. You can also state whether or not you want the allowance to include alcohol. 

On arrival, the guest will be given a Restaurant Authorisation Voucher confirming their evening meal spend allowance.

Premier Inn will endeavour to ensure that the guest stays within the limit. However, it is the ultimate responsibility of the cardholder to ensure that the guest knows the limits you have set and keeps within them. 

When will I receive my invoice?

You’ll receive an invoice at the end of each invoicing period, covering all the previous period’s transactions. Payment will be taken by direct debit around 14 days later. 

Our standard invoicing period is a month, but if you requested more frequent billing you’ll receive invoices more regularly. You can view up to 36 months of previous invoices online via your My Premier Inn profile.

What information will I see on my invoice?

Your invoice will show the following;

  • Guest name
  • Premier Inn location
  • Date and duration of stay
  • Card number used for the booking
  • Total amount spent
  • A VAT breakdown of food, drink and any extras
  • Purchase order number and customer reference (if you entered these when you booked)

Invoices are emailed to you at the end of each invoicing period, unless you’ve asked to receive yours by post. Your invoices can also be viewed online by logging in to your online management tool at, where they’re displayed in Excel.

How do I get a copy receipt?

It’s easy to download a copy of a receipt using your My Premier Inn profile.

  • Go to My Premier Inn log in page and enter your My Premier Inn username and password.
  • Click on Booking History and select a past booking to receive a copy of your receipt

You can also contact your hotel directly to request a copy. 

Your individual receipt isn’t a VAT receipt, so it isn’t required to claim VAT.  If you’d like to claim back VAT, use the HMRC approved invoice instead. 

Will I receive a statement?

Yes, your statement will be included with your invoice on a monthly basis.

Can I view my costs split by department, cost centre or individual?

Yes, when making your booking you can now enter a purchase order number and customer reference. The customer’s own reference could be used for cost centre number, booking reference etc. The name of the guest staying at the hotel will appear automatically on the invoice. 

Transactions will be grouped together and a sub total for each individual card will be given. To analyse this information in more detail you can set up your own personalised management information reports online, which will be emailed to you. 

If you would like any help or advice on the best way to set up your Business Account for your company, please call the Business Account Helpline on 0870 608 8666.