Bike friendly hotels

Every one of our 750+ hotels is bike friendly

We're bike friendly

Your cycling adventure begins at Premier Inn. We welcome cyclists, and we’re always here to make sure you get a good night’s sleep before a day on two wheels.

You’ll either be able to keep your bike in your room, or we’ll store it safely for you. So whether you’re embarking on a nationwide tour, or fancy having your bike with you just in case, our friendly hotel bike policy makes it easy.

Our bike policy

We welcome clean bikes with dirt-free tyres. If your bike needs a clean-up, reception should be able to give you a bucket, water and a brush.

If you could walk your bike into reception and around the hotel, we’d be very grateful. And if you could lean it gently on the wall, we’d appreciate it. Otherwise we’d have to get our paintbrushes out.

Be inspired with our cycling trails

Let our cycling aficionados inspire you with a top trail. We asked biking bloggers and experts to reveal their favourite routes—from off-road adventures, to coastal spins and even recreating a leg from the Tour of Britain, there’s something for everyone.