Things to do in Telford

Telford is one of Britain’s ‘new’ towns but it has a rich history and a bright future. The Iron Bridge is its top attraction and was the first bridge in the world to be cast from iron. It’s become the focal point of Ironbridge Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend some time exploring the museums and sampling the great cafés, restaurants, nightlife spots and hotels in Telford, or perhaps try out the town’s major shopping hubs, which are due to get better in the coming years as exciting plans are underway to transform the centre. Take a look at our guide and get to know Telford’s hot spots and hidden gems.


Pick from a huge variety of attractions on Telford’s doorstep. As well as the world-famous Iron Bridge, there’s also historic buildings, an Edwardian country estate, a picturesque abbey and delightful parks which you can explore.


The town was formed around the Telford Shopping Centre in the 1960s and ‘70s, so it’s always been the place to be. With one of the biggest shopping centres in the country, our guide gives you an idea of the huge array of stores you’ll find there.

International Centre

The town’s premier exhibition showroom and conference centre, the Telford International Centre plays host to a diverse range of events. Read our guide to discover everything you need to know, from travel information to its niche past conventions.


If you’re looking for ways to pass the time in Telford, you can always stay indoors with a trip to the cinema or a visit to an escape room. Alternatively, you can get outdoors by visiting the zoo or hit the ski slope. It’s entirely up to you!

Iron Bridge & Tollhouse

One of Telford’s best-loved attractions, the Iron Bridge and Tollhouse is located in the village of Ironbridge. Constructed in 1779, the bridge is an icon of industrialisation and an architectural wonder in itself, standing as tall as 100ft at its highest point.

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Places to eat

Between the stylish chain restaurants found throughout the centre, the tried and tested local favourites in the surrounding villages and the town’s excellent collection of charming cafés, you’re never short of places to eat in Telford. We’ve shortlisted some of our favourites to help you dine in style during your visit.


While Telford is hardly the clubbing capital of the West Midlands, it does have a rather humble nightlife scene to keep you entertained when the sun goes down. The town has a slew of great characterful pubs. Plus, there’s a couple of bars for you to choose from if you fancy going for a cocktail over a pint.


From Telford’s top rock bar to fancy-dress party nights and a laser-filled live lounge, the town’s entertainment scene is rather surprising – if, admittedly, a little on the sparse side.


Telford’s cultural offerings are largely in Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge. At the ‘Birthplace of Industry’, you’ll find museums that tell how Telford changed the world.

Getting around

Telford has great transport connections to the rest of Britain. The M54 runs close to the town centre and will quickly get you to the M6. From there, the country is your oyster.

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