Things to do in Telford | Restaurants

For a long time, Telford town centre didn’t have much of a food scene. Locals looking for somewhere good to eat would make their way to restaurants and gastropubs in the surrounding areas, like Ketley or Ironbridge. However, thanks to Southwater Square, a lot of restaurants – particularly chains – have set up shop in the heart of the town centre to give you some great options. Here are our top picks for some of the best restaurants in Telford.

Telford town centre restaurants

Wildwood Kitchen is one of Telford’s new additions in Southwater Square. The restaurant is stylish and airy, making it a lovely setting for a meal. The food is all familiar stuff, but with creative combinations and flourishes that make the menu that little bit more interesting. For example, you’ll be able to choose from wild boar burgers, mushroom and truffle oil pizzas and smoked haddock risotto. As far as chain restaurants go, it’s a good, solid option if you’re looking to eat in the town centre.

A more familiar chain is Zizzi. It was one of the first eateries to move to Southwater Square, and it’s been a popular choice since day one. The thing with Zizzi is you know exactly what you’re going to get – good Italian food, friendly staff, reasonable prices and a stylish, contemporary restaurant. Pasta, pizzas, risottos and salads; the menu doesn’t set the world alight in terms of variety, but they know what they’re good at and they stick to it. Make your way down for lunch, an afternoon snack or an evening meal. Plus, if the weather’s nice, the seating area at the front is perfect if you prefer al fresco dining.

One last town centre restaurant that’s worth a mention is Odyssey Greek. If you’re after Greek food and a bit of a mad atmosphere then there’s literally no better place. The food’s authentic, the staff are really friendly and the restaurant has a reputation for breaking out into bouts of dancing and plate smashing on their regular party nights.

Wildwood Kitchen

Wildwood Kitchen

Restaurants around Telford

That’s our pick of the top restaurants in Telford town centre. Now onto the surrounding area. If you’re taking a day trip to Ironbridge, then try and book a table at Restaurant Severn. It’s comfortably one of the best restaurants in the area. It’s fine dining with a set menu of good, refined British dishes in a gastropub setting with just the right atmosphere. The food tastes as good as it looks – and it looks very good.

Another top option is Latimer’s of Shifnal. It’s about a ten-minute drive from our Telford Central hotel and the food is excellent. By and large, it’s British classics cooked very well. But there’s also a popular tapas menu and Mediterranean-inspired main courses too, giving you a lot to choose from. However, if you’re around on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you must try their famous pie and pudding offer.

Wildwood Kitchen

If you’re craving a curry, don’t look beyond Spiceland in Wellington. They’ve been around for almost two decades now, in which time they’ve notched up a few awards and celebrity accolades. As with all of the best Indian restaurants, the portions are good, the food is fresh and flavoursome, the staff are exceptional and the price is very reasonable.

We’ll round things off with an eatery that’s unlike anything else that Telford has to offer. Self-serve carvery; all you can eat buffet; bottomless banquet, whatever you want to call it, Jenko’s Mongolian Barbecue is great. More often than not, this kind of restaurant can be a pretty bland affair, but that’s not the case with Jenko’s. You take your plate to the salad bar and spice corner and choose whatever you’d like. The chefs will cook it all in front of you with your chosen meats and fish. It means it’s all fresh and really tasty, and you can have as much as you like!