Sunday 4.13pm is officially the week 'end'

06/07/2012 | Sunday 4.13pm is officially the week 'end'

Brits spend Monday to Friday looking forward to and making plans for the weekend ahead, but according to new research out today the weekend is short-lived as the average Brit starts to worry about the week ahead at 4.13pm on a Sunday.


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Sunday 4.13pm is officially the week `end`

The study, carried out by the UK’s best value hotel chain Premier Inn showed that the ‘Sunday night feeling’ Brits once experienced before going to school the next day is still prevalent as 41% of adults admit that their Sunday night’s are full of dread and anxiety.

The research, which questioned 2000 adults, showed nearly half of Brits would not suffer the Sunday night blues if they felt the weekends were not so boring, with four in ten saying Sunday is the most boring day of the week. Over half of us [57%] put the blame for boring weekends on bad TV and over a quarter say Sunday is a day full of chores.

It now also seems that, thanks to the recent Queen’s Jubilee, 20% of Brits feel that their weekends are shorter after being treated to a burst of Bank Holidays.

The nationwide survey of adults highlighted that 44% of people find themselves jealous of their colleagues’ weekends and find theirs boring in comparison, which is not surprising when almost three quarters of Brits admit to not leaving the house on a Sunday, and as much as 46% admit to not speaking to anyone on the last day of the weekend.

Claire Haigh, spokeswoman for Premier Inn, which conducted the study to launch their £19 room sale*, said:

“For many Brits Sundays are considered boring and many don’t even bother to leave their house, but it is important that people make the most of their weekends.”

“Premier Inn know that Sunday’s are often the day for checking out after a great weekend, but with rooms available from as little as £19 it is easier for people to make their weekend’s last longer without tugging on the purse strings.”

“But most people can’t take a mini break every weekend, so perhaps planning weekends in advance to balance chores with fun activities will help make Sunday’s more interesting.”

When asked how Brits would like to spend their Sunday a third said they would like to visit somewhere new. To help banish the ‘Sunday Blues’ Premier Inn has launched a Summer Sunday sale, with over 50,000 rooms available from as little as £19 to help give Brits an extra day to their weekend that won’t break the bank!

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