Say good-baa to sleepless nights with EweTube

After a study we commissioned showed people in the UK were getting less rest than ever before, we decided to take matters into our own hooves and try something new to help you rest easy and catch up on some much-needed shut eye.

We’ve teamed up with the Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen and her flock to launch our first-ever video streaming platform, www.Ewe.Tube, dedicated to encouraging sleep by digitally counting sheep.

Supported by our resident sleep expert, EweTube brings counting sheep into the digital age. Jam-packed full of comfy woolly videos, we’ve put a spin on some of the best movies in a way you’ve never seen before. From 2001: A Space Odysheep, Zooland’baa to The Queen’s Lambit, there’s whole host of baarilliant light-hearted content that can actually help you get more sleep.

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The study we commissioned showed the average person in the UK delays bedtime by 36 minutes a night because they watch videos online, that’s up to 17 hours of sleep we’re missing out on per month. We also found people spend up to 9.7 hours a day in front of a screen, with the TV rated as the top most-used device at 3.36 hours.

The most common things to do before bed were watch TV (55%) and look through social media (37%). Of those that watch TV before bed, most people watch movies (50%) and documentaries (41%). On social media most people find themselves glued to Facebook (60%) and YouTube (40%). 17% of the people we asked said what they watched kept their mind racing before bed, and 13% said scary or thrilling shows made it harder to sleep.

When it comes to techniques to help you drift off, 13% of the people we asked said counting sheep helps them sleep, even in the digital age, though only 4% said it actually worked. 16% tried meditation or mindfulness to clear their heads. It’s obvious there’s a problem and people are finding it harder to sleep than ever. Just under a third (31%) of the people we asked said they needed more time to relax than usual. Over a fifth (23%) said being stuck at home made it harder to switch off. A third of the people we asked said they wanted a holiday in the UK just to help them relax properly and 45% said walks and trips outdoors were one of their favourite ways to relax.

That’s why we’ve launched EweTube – with EweTube you can watch the beautiful British countryside and enjoy the meditative benefits while you drift off. With beautifully shot videos, soothing ASMR featuring real life countryside sounds from Amanda’s Ravenseat farm and relaxing music, we made our videos with help from our sleep expert, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, to make sure they really can help you sleep.

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We spoke to the people involved in bringing EweTube to life:

Amanda Owen, the Yorkshire Shepherdess said:
“It is amazing to be involved in EweTube, Premier Inn’s first-ever video streaming platform. I worked with the team and my flock of sheep (including some recently born lambs!) to create some entertaining and soothing content that will hopefully remind Brits of the beauty of the UK countryside, and help them to count sheep in real life, so that they too can rest easy”.

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, sleep expert said:

“It’s brilliant that the Premier Inn team has created a new and dynamic way to help Brits sleep well after a tough past year. EweTube enables the nation to soak up the beauty of being in nature beyond our doorsteps, and the old age classic of counting sheep, but all within the digital age we now know. The repetitive and soothing nature of the content, alongside my top tips, is sure to help Brits get a better night’s sleep.”

Tamara Strauss, global customer director, Premier Inn said
“We all love to get away and it’s safe to say that for many people, this year the prospect of a holiday can’t come a moment too soon, either in the UK or abroad. At Premier Inn, we don’t just offer a comfy bed for a great price but we encompass reassurance every step of the way from the convenience of hotels in locations across the UK and Ireland to the consistency of our famously warm welcome, the care shown by our teams as well as a great breakfast to start the day. This is why we have launched the brand’s first ever video streaming platform, EweTube, so that Brits can truly rest easy from booking to bed”.

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