UK getaways vs holidays abroad – the results are in!

Great news – if you’ve been thinking about booking a family getaway, you don’t need to shell out on holidays abroad to keep the kids entertained. Our recent survey revealed that two thirds of kids think UK holidays are just as fun as going abroad – or even more so!

With the half term holidays just around the corner, we asked 1000 kids aged six to 16 about their holiday must-haves. Interestingly, our poll revealed that a massive 73% want to visit as many top UK attractions as possible before jetting off to another country.

Visiting a waterpark (see left) came in at the top of the list in terms of what would make a good holiday great for kids, with family days at the beach coming in second, and a trip to a theme park taking the third spot.

Swimming in the sea and enjoying all your favourite foods rounds off the holiday wish list, and the best thing about the top five? They’re all activities you can do in the UK!

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Simon Ewins, Managing Director for Premier Inn said:
“Children love the chance to go and visit another country on holiday, but the research shows that they’re desperate to see the sights of the UK and enjoy a homegrown adventure. Families can rest easy knowing that wherever they want to visit in the UK, there’s no shortage of trips to go on and attractions to enjoy as children approach a well-earned break from school.”

Our research found that for kids, the most important thing when going on holiday is enjoying some family time – although 64% also wished their parents would give them more freedom on getaways, so heads up mums and dads! Other important family break factors include exploring new places, going on adventures, and also getting time to relax. Unsurprisingly, beach breaks are a clear favourite, with almost twice as many kids choosing seaside stays. They also want to be involved in the holiday planning process too, with 59% of kids wanting the opportunity to help choose the destination.

Simon also added:
“As families across the UK start to get ready for an autumn break this half term, our one piece of advice is to listen to the little ones – they might not be the ones paying for it, but they’ve made it clear they want some involvement in it, and planning trips to some of their favourite places or exploring new ones is a great way of making the most of everything the UK has to offer. Premier Inn takes pride in its family-friendly service – and as kids love having breakfast in a hotel, we let them eat for free! *”

Here are just some of the reasons why UK holidays are as good as breaks abroad for kids:

  • There are lots of awesome places to go on holiday in the UK
  • It’s just as fun as going abroad
  • It’s easier for some people to find food they like in the UK
  • You can still watch your favourite TV shows in the UK
  • It won’t be ‘too hot’, unlike a lot of holiday destinations abroad
  • You can load up the car with board games, toys and snacks that you couldn’t fit onto a plane
  • You won’t have to worry about understanding a foreign language
  • It’s better for the environment not to fly abroad
  • You still get a great range of both indoor and outdoor UK activities
  • You can be spontaneous! Just pack up and explore the UK whenever you like
  • Road trips with the family are good fun (most of the time!)
  • It takes ages to get to your destination if you’re flying abroad
  • You can use your phone data without worrying about extra charges
  • Reading restaurant menus is nice and easy
  • You can get away with friends without breaking the bank
  • You can go away with other family members easily, too
  • You can pack up your games console
  • UK short breaks can be a bit longer
  • No need to learn how to use a different currency
  • Summers in the UK can be just as hot as abroad

From seaside spots to city centres, you’ll have more than 800 Premier Inn UK hotels to choose from for UK getaways. Plus, with our super-comfy Hypnos beds, great-value Meal Deals and free Wi-Fi up for grabs, why wait any longer to book your half term break?

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** Up to two kids under 16 eat breakfast free when accompanied by an adult purchasing a full breakfast.