New year, new job! Start a career in hospitality with Whitbread

New year – new career! Hospitality’s rising, and – as the UK’s leading hospitality business – it was only right that we got behind this exciting new campaign aimed at recruiting the best talent throughout the industry that we love.

The campaign – driven by Hospitality Rising UK – is the biggest ever hospitality recruitment movement in the UK. Their message is simple, but powerful: ‘Don’t grow old for a living – rise fast, work young!’ 

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It’s no secret that here at Premier Inn, we’re incredibly proud of our people. Our hotels are full of amazing team members who have grown their careers more than they ever thought possible. With the Hospitality Rising campaign launch, we’re hoping to show more people exactly what can be achieved with a career in our Premier Inn hotels and restaurants, and just how rewarding it can be to find the right job in the right industry. 

Lisa Taylor, our Head of Resourcing at Whitbread, said:
“Our industry gives people a real opportunity to rise fast really early in their careers, so it’s natural we come out with a message as bold as ‘Hospitality Rising’. 

“We've all experienced the challenges the labour market has brought over the last couple of years, so it was time to come together as employers and showcase just how rewarding our industry is. Together with some of the best names in hospitality, we've joined forces in this exciting campaign that’s going to be seen by a lot of people.

“We work on the front line of fun, getting that instant recognition of a job well done with the hotels and restaurants our guests love – and we want more people to have the chance to share in this. We’re open to all ages, all people – ours is an industry that will keep your heart young, your future close and one which really can take you anywhere, and at Premier Inn, we’re excited to lead you there!”

What’s more, we’re hiring over Christmas, with exciting full and part time roles available. So – what are you waiting for? It’s time to start your new career with us! 

Check out our latest vacancies across Whitbread or visit the Hospitality Rising website.

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