Tune in and drift off – meet Nod-flix, our new ASMR channel playing relaxing hotel sounds

Here at Premier Inn, we know all about the importance of a great night’s sleep – but drifting off is easier for some than it is for others. Increasingly, people are turning to sounds to help them fall asleep.

To find out more, we commissioned a survey of 2000 adults to find out just what kind of sounds people across the UK are drifting off to. On top of that, we enlisted the help of the wonderful Silentnight sleep expert Hannah Shore to share some of her top sleep tips!

Our study revealed that a whopping 50% of people enjoy listening to white noise to fall asleep or wake up. Around 26% say they listen to it every night, with rainfall sounds (40%), music (34%) and the sound of a fan (24%) among the top choices. 

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Introducing Nod-Flix an ASMR channel where you can have your favourite video and soundscape play as you drift off

According to Hannah Shore, ocean waves, a crackling fire and the distant hum of a fan are among the top 10 ambient noises to drift off to. The Silentnight sleep expert says “depending on the individual, watching or listening to something calming before bed can be part of our sleep process. Different sounds generate different responses from our subconscious when we’re asleep, so what might be soothing to one, might not be for another. If you’re sharing a bed or a room, be considerate and invest in a pair of headphones – or why not try finding a sound that you both find soothing?

So, to help our guests enjoy a great night’s sleep, we’ve launched Nod-flix, our very own ASMR channel where guests can tune in to listen to all kinds of relaxing soundscapes. As Hannah Shore mentioned, one sound doesn’t fit all when it comes to drifting off, which is why we’ve collected a whole host of hotel sounds to suit every sleeper!

Our participants were shown a number of hotel inspired ASMR videos from our Nod-flix channel, from a kettle boiling to a suitcase being wheeled along a hard floor. Interestingly, the sound of sizzling bacon was found to be the most relaxing, followed by the trickle of running water from the shower. The study, carried out via OnePoll.com, also revealed that the sound of a vacuum was least calming – much to our surprise!

The survey also found that if 27% were sharing a room with someone else and couldn’t listen to their white noise, they wouldn’t be able to sleep properly as a result. 58% usually listen to these sounds or noises on a music player on their phone, while 34% tune in via an app – and 15% even have a sound machine!

Wind sounds (21%), audio books (16%) and a cat purring (7%) also made the list of noises people like to fall asleep to. The study also revealed that half of the adults polled feel their sleep varies depending on the season – 57% say they sleep the best during autumn or winter, compared to only 7% who get the best shut eye over the summer months.

Hannah Shore added:
“Switching off does not come as easy to some people as it does others and sounds are a great way to help with this. Some people prefer complete silence whereas for others, the silence means they listen out for all the little sounds. In a hotel, this can be people walking down the hall, doors closing, a nearby lift. Others may find they need their brain to concentrate on something else – in these cases there needs to be something in the sounds they can focus on, like the slow rhythm of calming music, the repetitiveness of waves lapping on the beach or even the noise of the TV. This can allow the mind to switch off from the day and therefore allow you to fall asleep, which we hope the Nod-flix channel will accomplish for many.”

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Noises that help people fall asleep

  1. Rainfall sounds
  2. Music
  3. Ocean sounds
  4. The sound of a fan
  5. The sound of favourite TV show
  6. Wind sounds
  7. Podcasts
  8. Audio Books
  9. Jungle/forest/woodland sounds
  10. Fireplace sounds
  11. Static sounds
  12. City ambience
  13. Animal sounds
  14. A cat purring
  15. The sound of a vacuum cleaner
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Hannah Shore's tips for a restful night's sleep

  1. If you’re going to watch something before bed, make sure it’s calming content
  2. Keep the space you’re sleeping in tidy
  3. Don’t eat a heavy meal before bed
  4. Invest in some bed socks – they help increase blood circulation
  5. Make sure your pillow supports your sleeping position
  6. Dim the lights – it helps our bodies to produce sleep hormones like melatonin
  7. Get some black out blinds or curtains to block out bright light
  8. White noise such as fans, hairdryers, hoovers are great for blocking out sound
  9. If you want to go to sleep in a calmer way, pink noise is also good - think of wind, steady rain and leaves
  10. Green noise is similar to pink but will have an undertone with more of a whirring noise while still being nature led, such as running streams
  11. To help you focus throughout the day, brown noises such as the crack of thunder which have deeper tones work really well
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