Brits' Sleep Nightmares Revealed

20/08/2012 | Brits' Sleep Nightmares Revealed

4,000 adults polled in national Sleep Index. The 2012 Sleep Index commissioned by the UK’s best value hotel chain* Premier Inn has revealed that the typical adult wakes up twice a night at least four nights a week – meaning the average Brit suffers 12,584 sleepless nights over their lifetime.


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The Premier Inn Sleep Index studied the sleeping patterns of 4000 Brits and found the main reason for our disturbed sleep was the need to go to the toilet, followed by a partner’s snoring and the sound of heavy wind or rain.

The study also found that the average person aims for seven hours of sleep every night but sadly over three quarters of those questioned never actually achieve this. The report showed that a further restless one in twenty Brit’s wake up five times every single night.

As a consequence, a quarter of workers said they feel so tired in the day it’s impossible to concentrate on their job. With a further one in four admitting that a lack of sleep makes them cross and short tempered and one in ten employees said they were likely to take out their sleep deprivation on colleagues.

Not surprisingly, 30 per cent of those who took part in the annual Sleep Index said they were absolutely exhausted by the time they go to bed. The study found that on a weeknight the average adult hits the sack at 10.48pm but this extends to 11.18pm pm at weekends. Yet it takes most of us just over 20 minutes to drop off after turning off their bedside light.

Claire Haigh, Premier Inn spokeswoman commented: “Over 12,000 disturbed nights over a lifetime sounds a vast figure but it’s an affliction many will be able to relate to.

‘’Our Sleep Index highlights just how many millions of people fail to get a full and good night’s sleep and shows how a lack of sleep can really impact on our day to day lives.

‘’The results show that being tired after a bad night’s sleep can really take its toll on our productivity at work, our mood and our behaviour towards others.

‘’Which is why at Premier Inn, we do all that we can into making our rooms as comfortable as possible to ensure everyone has a good night’s sleep with minimal chances of waking up in the night. Our king size beds, comfortable pillows and black out curtains are key to getting undisturbed sleep.”

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