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Premier Inn reveals work is the main thing Brits dream about

23/11/2011 | Premier Inn reveals work is the main thing Brits dream about

Premier Inn has revealed the results of new research which shows most Brits dream about work over anything else.


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Premier Inn, the UK's biggest budget hotel chain, has revealed new research* that shows work stress is getting so high across the UK that work is dominating the public's sleep, with a third of Brits saying they dream about work over anything else.

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Premier Inn asked 2,000 Brits about their dream patterns and the research found that 20% of Brits dream more if they are under pressure or stressed, 50% admitted to dreaming more about their colleagues than celebrities, demonstrating that it is increasingly difficult to forget about work. The poll found that the average person dreams most nights, with only 12% saying they don't dream. But dreams often leave people confused, with 52% of Brits saying their dreams do not make sense, and 60% wishing they could know what their dreams mean.

Please visit the Premier Inn Dream Dictionary available here for more information. Premier Inn offers all guests the unique '’Good Night Guarantee'’ – which means if customers are not 100% satisfied with their stay at any of the company's hotels, they will get a full refund.

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