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Brits suffer from 'flight mares'

14/02/2012 | Brits suffer from 'flight mares'

Research out today by the UK’s best value hotel brand , Premier Inn, reveals one in twenty Brits never leave the UK because they are terrified of flying – with millions suffering countless sleepless nights before takeoff. And many admit to missing weddings, birthdays, stag do’s and even funerals due to their overwhelming phobia.


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The study into the nation’s flying habits found that one in ten Brits may holiday outside the UK, but due to their fear of flying they insist on reaching their destination by alternative modes of transport – ferry, Eurostar or the Eurotunnel.

Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, a further 15% admit to not turning up at the airport to catch booked and paid for flights due to their crippling terror of taking off. Furthermore, over a quarter of those who manage to board the plane remain petrified and resort to alcohol, herbal remedies or medication to help take the edge off, despite knowing it’s not a long-term solution. In fact, 50% of those surveyed would consider hypnosis to help solve the problem permanently.

Heathrow T5

Premier Inn commissioned the research to mark the opening of its new site at Heathrow Terminal 5. Based on these findings, the hotel chain will be hosting a mass hypnosis session on Thursday 23rd February with renowned hypnotist and TV presenter Dominic Knight, to help those who suffer from a fear of flying, combat their phobia and put an end to sleepless nights experienced before boarding a plane.

Claire Haigh, spokeswoman for Premier Inn, commented: “We conducted this research not knowing the huge numbers of people that had fears of flying. Surprisingly, it’s a common phobia and it is a shame to hear that so many Brit’s are missing out on some wonderful experiences because they are scared of boarding a plane.

It’s understandable that people have various ways of calming their nerves before embarking on a flight, but in the long run it won’t solve the problem. With more than half those surveyed who had a fear of flying considering visiting a hypnotist to conquer their fears, we’re hoping our mass hypnosis session will help relax nervous flyers and in some cases, cure the fears surrounding flying.

In our pursuit of ensuring customer have a good night’s sleep, we are hoping this hypnosis session will help cure some of the anxieties associated with flying and enable those guests suffering with the phobia to get a good night’s sleep.”

Premier Inn offer a good night guarantee; a promise of a good night’s sleep or your money back. With Premier Inn now having a hotel situated at all major UK airports, it is the ideal location for those needing a good night’s sleep ahead of a flight so they can wake up fresh and ready for takeoff.

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