London apps

From street art to Tube maps, here are our top ten apps to download for your stay in London:

Tube map (free)

This app not only gives you an easy-to-view London Underground map, but also live info on line status and realtime routing.

Bus London (free)

From the makers of Tube Map, this bus-specific app gives you live info on the 1,400 bus routes in London, so you can easily see when your next bus is due.

Citymapper (free)

This handy app will tell you how to get to your destination by all methods of transport, and let you know how many calories you’ll burn along the way.

Hailo (free)

Download this app and you’re just two-clicks away from getting a taxi to come straight to you.

Cycle Hire (free) 

This app helps you find your nearest docking station and tells you how many docks or bikes are available. It’ll make your bike ride a breeze.

OpenTable (free)

This great app not only helps you book a table at over 4,000 restaurants, it also gives you access to great offers, like 50% off your meal!

Onavo (free) 

Data and downloads can be a costly, especially when abroad, but Onavo compresses your data by 80%, before it downloads, so you get the most out of your data plan.

Time Out London (free) 

This impressive app will help you find anything that you’re looking to see, do, shop, or eat. And it shows you reviews to help you make your decision.

Street Art London (69p)* 

London is full of street art, but sometimes it’s about knowing where to look. This app helps you find art all around you.

Museum of London (free)

This fun app takes you on a historic tour of London, allowing you to hold your camera up to the street in front of you and see it as it was in the past. 


*Prices correct as of January 2015. Please check websites for more details.