Plan your London visit

Exploring London with children? With your partner? Or with friends? No doubt you have lots of questions about how to get around, what to do, how to get to your hotel. Well, the answers you need are right here. In fact, you’ll find everything you need to know about making London your Oyster (card). 

And, whether you're visiting London in one, two, three, four - or more - days, we'll give you plenty of tips for a cheap weekend in the capital, doing stuff with or without the family, and suggest some handy apps to help you travel around London with ease, whatever the weather (which is famously unpredictable).

Visit London with kids

If you’re visiting London with your family, London is such an exciting place for kids – big and small – and there’s so much to do with them. From Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory themed afternoon tea to city farms and pirate ships, you’re truly spoilt for choice, come rain or shine, no matter what your budget is.

And remember, Premier Inn is family friendly and great for kids