Don't miss the best bit!

Whether it’s an intimate gig seeing an up-and-coming band or the latest pop sensation’s arena tour – the atmosphere and experience of live music is pretty hard to beat.

But what if your act is fashionably-late on stage (er yes you, Master Bieber), the gig overruns or the band are saving your favourite song for the encore (which is way past your last train home)? Should you stay or should you go?

Our music fan poll discovered that fans up and down the UK were indeed leaving and missing out on the end of gigs – often the best bit – because they had to rush for their last train, get back in time for a babysitter or to start a long journey home. Londoners have the biggest fear of missing the end of gigs, which is probably not surprising given the number of venues and shows taking place in and round London every week. ‘A third of the nation has had to leave a gig before the end - one in four people said leaving early was one of the biggest mistakes of their life and a third of the said they felt like they’d missed out on a once in a lifetime experience by leaving early.

The good news is that this is avoidable. With hotels located near to all the major music venues in London, you never need to miss the encore again. Simply find out where the nearest Premier Inn hotel is to the gig venue and make a good night great!

The Fear of Missing Out

Have you ever had to rush off before the end of a gig to catch the last train? You’re not alone. Our music fan poll revealed that across the country people are missing out on the all-important endings…

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