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Attractions in Liverpool

You may be in Liverpool for the footie or a festival but, if you can find the time, you should definitely take in some of the city’s top attractions. From historic buildings to world-class museums, there are just so many to choose from, and most are within easy walking distance of the centre, too. Sightseeing’s even easier if you’re staying at a Premier Inn in Liverpool – there’s one close to all the city’s must-sees so you can pack even more into your busy city break.


If you were ever in doubt of the city’s quirky sense of humour, head to the Super Lamb Banana statue. As public monuments go, this is up there with the craziest. Half-sheep, half-banana and designed by Japanese artist Taro Chiezo in 1998, it shouldn’t be missed. In fact, you almost certainly can’t miss it, seeing as it’s bright yellow, 17-feet high and weighs in at seven and a half tonnes. It is both a comment on the dangers of genetic engineering, and a nod to Liverpool’s past – both bananas and sheep were brought here as cargo. But whatever it’s meant to be, it’s now firmly a part of the Liverpool skyline.

Looking for a hotel in Liverpool?

Liverpool is one of England’s most cosmopolitan cities and was the 2008 European capital of culture. Whether you’re passing through, looking for heritage, pop culture and entertainment, checking out the universities, or planning a weekend break, there are plenty of reasons to book a  hotel room in Liverpool. And with quaint fishing villages and market towns on its doorstep, there's so much to see and do in the surrounding area of Merseyside