Frequently asked questions

Which hotels have airport transfers?

The following Premier Inn hotels have airport transfers:

Gatwick Airport Central
Heathrow Airport (Bath Road)
Heathrow Airport (M4/J4)
Manchester Airport

How can I book airport transfers?

Gatwick Airport Central shuttle bus
Shared with other hotel companies, locations for buses are downstairs at both terminal coach stations (North terminal bus stop 11, South terminal bus stop 12). The bus number is G2.

Approximately 10 minutes to the terminals (South first and then North). Costs £3.00 per adult, children under 16 travel free. The service runs 24 hours a day.

The journey from the hotel to the airport can be booked on arrival at the hotel.

Heathrow Airport (Bath Road) shuttle bus
Hoppa Bus H6 - departs Heathrow terminals 1, 2 and 3 every 15 minutes from the designated coach/bus park outside of arrivals at each terminal.

Costs £5.00 for adults, free for under 16’s. The bus runs from 5:15 am until 11:15pm daily and can be caught outside the hotel for journeys to terminals 1, 2 and 3.

Passengers travelling from terminal 4 can take the Heathrow Express to the Central Area, journey time is 5 minutes. Passengers travelling to/from terminal 5 need to catch Bus H56 which runs every 20 minutes from 4.20 am until 3.40 pm, every half hour from 3.40 pm until 11.15pm daily.

Heathrow Airport (Bath Road) - terminal 5
Hoppa Bus H56 departs Heathrow terminal 5 from the designated coach/bus park outside of arrivals at the terminal. Costs £5.00 for adults, free for under 16’s.

The bus runs every 20 minutes from 4:20am until 3:40pm, every half an hour from 3:40pm until 11.15pm daily. The bus can be caught outside Heathrow Airport (Bath Road) Premier Inn for journeys to terminals 4.

Heathrow Airport M4/J4 shuttle bus
The airport runs this shuttle bus and the cost is £4 each way per person. The service operates from 4:40am until 11:00pm and runs every 20 minutes peak times and every 30 minutes during off peak times. The bus runs to terminals 1, 2 and 3. The journey to terminal 1 takes approximately 7 minutes. You can pick up bus numbers H7 or H8.

Manchester Airport shuttle bus
Airport transfer service is operated by Wythenshawe Cars. Transfers operate on demand from each terminal and the station. For more information or to book a transfer please contact the hotel or Wythenshawe Cars on 0161 4364000. Transfers are chargeable

Please note: all prices are subject to change.