Hotels in Elstree

Whether you're visiting the village of Elstree itself, or anywhere in the larger Elstree and Borehamwood region just north of London, you can find great deals on Elstree hotels when staying with Premier Inn.

Our affordable hotels in Elstree are ideal for anyone exploring the rural countryside or looking for a peaceful hotel near London when visiting the capital on a city break.

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What to do in Elstree

Elstree has long been a popular destination for rural breaks just outside of London, with areas such as Aldenham Country Park offering a range of outdoor activities in the Elstree region. Our hotel in London Elstree/Borehamwood is ideal for anyone visiting the Elstree area, and we also have a number of hotels in surrounding towns and cities.

If you're looking to stay in North London hotels and enjoy convenient access to the city's major attractions, our hotel in London Edgware is a convenient gateway for visitors heading to the city on the M1.

You can also find fantastic rates on our hotels in Watford, just west of Elstree, and St Albans to the north, helping you to discover even more of the scenic Elstree region.

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