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Welcome to Somerset

Somerset is an intriguing place. It’s where 9000-year-old Cheddar Man and 12-metres-tall Willow Man live. Stay at one of our hotels in Glastonbury to be near to Glastonbury festival, the myths of Glastonbury Tor and mysterious views from Somerset Levels. Not to mention quaint pubs with skittle alleys, sightings of pixies and beasts on Exmoor, and spectacular starling murmurations. Add this to the backdrop of ancient caves and cliffs, woodland, heaths, expansive moors, wildlife-rich wetlands, the Quantock Hills and Blackdowns, and you start to see why Somerset has all the trappings of somewhere very special indeed.

Somerset hotels

Things to do in Somerset

Cheddar Gorge

After a day at Cheddar Gorge spent caving, rock-climbing, walking, learning about pre-history, cannibalism and Cheddar Man - the oldest complete skeleton ever found - a night in one of our Somerset hotels will be all the more welcome. 

Dunster Castle

Take the mile-long walk around Dunster Castle. But only after you’ve listened to ghost stories in the crypt and watched a live video link of the Tenants' Hall bats. In the medieval village of Dunster itself, be sure to  check out the Yarn Market. 

Oakham Treasures

From vintage tractors and spinning wheels to 1930s undergarments and bygone confectionery brands, one man’s obsession with memorabilia manifests itself at Oakham Treasures Museum.

The Shoe Museum

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the story of Clarks footwear plus some amazing examples of shoes from different eras and countries. 

Montacute TV Radio Toy Museum

With over six hundred vintage and novelty TVs and radios plus all sorts of paraphernalia relating to cult TV shows, this museum offers a big slice of TV nostalgia. 

Eat local food

A trip to Somerset that doesn’t involve copious amounts of farmhouse cheddar cheese and some hearty glugs of cider doesn’t count. Visit Sheppy’s Cider Farm, Westcombe Dairy or Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company. Go on, just this once….

Star-gazing on Exmoor

As an International Dark Sky Reserve, Exmoor is an excellent place to marvel at the non-light-polluted night sky.  Telescope hire is available for budding astronomers – otherwise binoculars or the naked eye and a sky map is all you need. 

Willow and Wetlands Visitor Centre

At the Willow and Wetlands Visitor Centre not only will you learn about this important natural resource and Somerset industry, you can buy your very own basket-weaving kit. Souvenirs sorted. 


Somerset is one of the top places in the UK to catch sight of our feathered friends. See wading birds and starling murmurations on Somerset Levels in winter. Bridgewater Bay is a popular roosting and feeding spot. Ham Wall, Grey Lake and Swell Wood are RSPB nature reserves.