Sightseeing in London

We’re giving you the lowdown on London’s must-sees, like The Shard, which, at 1,014 ft, is the tallest building in Europe. And we’ve hunted down the main places of interest – like Hyde Park, the Tower of London, Soho, London Zoo and the London Eye – and found out when you can get in and how much entry costs. 

We’ll let you know all about bus tours, guided tours, walking tours or enjoying London on one of many cruises on the Thames. Plus, where to shop til you drop, things to do in the West End (asides from seeing a show) and the secret to getting to the world of magic on your Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter.

Eating & drinking in London

With every cuisine that you can think of, from all around the world, London has plenty to satisfy your appetite and quench your thirst. Depending on whether you’re looking to grab something quick, or sit down for dinner, your choice of London restaurants is never-ending. But if you if you feel like staying close to home, then you’ll find quality, tasty food in all of our London hotels' on-site restaurants.