Welcome to London!

You name it, London’s got it. From world-class museums, cutting-edge art and royal-family residencies to mainstream West End musicals, all-night clubs, food from around the world and shops for all styles and budgets. And that’s just the beginning… What about all those iconic attractions? The London Eye, Tower Of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the ever-popular Harry Potter studio tour.

With so much to experience, planning your time in the Great British capital can be tricky. But don’t worry - we’ve put together a guide to the city’s best sights and must see attractions for all the family as well as provided essential travel information on how to get from A to B. And no matter how long you’re in town for, our London hotels put you right in the heart of the city and give you a great night’s sleep, guaranteed.

What's on

Don’t want to miss out on the big event? From festivals to comedy, music and the West End (plus money-saving tips), find out what’s going on in London town.

Don't miss the encore!

Have you ever had to rush off before the end of a gig to catch the last train? You’re not alone. Our music fan poll revealed that across the country people are missing out on the all-important endings of concerts, often discovering later that it was the best bit!  The good news is that this is avoidable.