Things to do in Swansea | Activities

From outdoor to indoor activities, Swansea is absolutely jam-packed with things to do and see. We’ve done our best to narrow it down to the finest beaches, surfing spots, walking and biking tours, cinemas, go-kart tracks and indoor rock climbing joints in the city.

Outdoor activities

Be it surf schools, lazy ice creams as the sun sets or gorgeous walks along the limestone cliffs, Swansea’s outdoors largely revolves around its stunning coastline. We’ve rounded up our favourite sandy stretches on our Swansea beaches dedicated pages.

Swansea beaches

Indoor activities

Our Swansea indoor activities page has the full rundown of what to expect, including four cinemas, go-karting and rock climbing.

City Gates

Cycling and walking tours

There are few better cities for walking than Swansea; something the Walk Back in Time walking tours make the most of. Ranging from six-mile hikes to two-mile strolls, they offer a range of guided tours that explore the Mumbles coastline, giving you a fascinating insight into the region’s archaeological history as well as exploring historical buildings en route.

If you prefer to do your exploring by bike, head for the Swansea Bike Path or Cycle Swansea Bay. The Swansea Bike Path is a six-mile ride that starts at Swansea Marina and follows the natural curve of the bay round to Mumbles, taking in the Gower Peninsula and the incredible coastal views. The path follows the former Mumbles railway, ensuring it’s nice and flat, with plenty of cafés on the way to refuel with an ice cream or coffee.

Swansea walks

Cycle Swansea Bay, meanwhile, is a cool initiative aimed at encouraging more cycling in the region. Using a number of routes mapped out like the famous London Underground, the local council have created dozens of bike routes suiting everyone from beginners to lycra-clad experts. The routes run from Port Talbot all the way round to Mumbles, with each route given an estimated cycle time.

Looking for a hotel in Swansea?

Our Swansea hotels are perfect for making the most of a visit to this captivating coastal city, which boasts sandy beaches, romantic seaside walks, historic castles and a lively nightlife scene.