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Getting to the city from Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is about 5 miles west of the city centre and is easily accessible by public transport.

The AirLink100

The AirLink100 will transport you and your bags in between the airport and city centre in about 30 minutes. It runs roughly every 10 minutes between Waverley Bridge in the city centre and Edinburgh Airport Domestic Arrivals. It’s a 24-hour service but between 00:15 and 04:00, you’ll need to catch the N22 not the 100.
Tickets can be bought online, directly from the driver or from the kiosk outside the airport bus stop. A range of tickets are available for adults and children with an adult open return costing £7.50.

Edinburgh Trams

Trams are also a great way to get to and from Edinburgh Airport. There are 4 stops between the start and the end of the line so the entire journey only takes 35 minutes. An open return to and from the airport costs £8.50. 

Airport hotels

If you’re really smart, you might start or end your trip with a great night’s sleep at our airport hotel. We have one right on the airport doorstep.