Edinburgh | Plan your visit

Plan your visit to Edinburgh

You want to do Edinburgh properly, so it pays to plan your trip ahead. That means thinking about how you’ll get around, how you’ll get there in the first place and where’s best for you to stay. Do you want to be close to the sights or on top of the shops? Or is it all about getting down to business? Speaking of which, we’ll tell you about Edinburgh’s best conference centres too.

Getting to Edinburgh from the airport

Edinburgh airport is just five miles from the city centre, with airport bus and tram services getting you there in a handy half-hour. If you’re flying into town, but arriving late at night or leaving crazy early, why not ease the pressure and stay at one of our airport hotels? 

Getting around

Edinburgh has some excellent public transport, including nightly sleeper trains, 24 hour buses and wi-fi friendly trams. You can also cycle into town along the Union Canal. 

Where to stay

Get a feel for Edinburgh’s different ‘villages’ and vibes, from upmarket New Town and elegant West End to trendy Stockbridge and lively Leith. 

Conference centres

If your agenda in Edinburgh is all about business, you’ll never be far from your meeting or event, with a host of world-class conference venues on the city map.

Looking for a hotel in Edinburgh?

Whether it's the city centre, next to Edinburgh Castle, or Princes Street, or on the outskirts of town, we have the right hotel for you. Flying in for a business trip and we've hotels next to Edinburgh Airport. And if you're looking for a family-friendly hotel for a weekend break we have those aswell.