Good together

How can we be greener?

Our Good Together initiative

We care for the planet and its people, and we’re constantly striving to be a more responsible business.

So we formed our Good Together initiative.

Our priorities include:

Protecting the environment
We're using less water and energy, and cutting down on waste. Here’s a little more information.

Developing people
We're providing team members with skills and training at all levels.

Responsible sourcing
Our Responsible Sourcing policy means our suppliers must meet internationally recognised standards of labour rights, including fair pay.

Promoting good health
We want to make it easier for our customers to make healthy food choices, and support the Department of Health's Responsibility Deal pledge on salt reduction.

Supporting the community
We're actively involved in local communities, and working to give something back to the people in society who need it the most.

Valuing our customers
We want our customers to feel they’re doing the right thing for the planet by choosing to eat, drink or stay with us.

We`re trying to be green

Our green hotel in Burgess Hill

We’re also building pioneering eco-friendly hotels.

Our first opened in Tamworth, Staffs in 2008 and we’ve recently unveiled the UK's greenest hotel and our first ever low-carbon restaurant in Burgess Hill, Sussex.

Both use cutting-edge technology such as efficient insulation, automated light controls plus recycled grey water and rainwater harvesting. The results are savings of 70% carbon and 60% water compared to our other hotels.

Our 60-bed Burgess Hill site has adopted the best-performing technologies from Tamworth to build a Premier Inn that has far less impact on the environment.

These include powerful low-flow showerheads and ground-source heat pumps, which use natural energy to provide heating, cooling and hot water.

Premier Inn UK Burgess Hill Hotel