The Artists

Sam Smith

Sam engages with a wide range of different materials and processes. His signature squeeze paintings are made in swift and impulsive, yet considered moves. Sam often overworks his images using brushes and pens with a range of marks that fluctuate in between the delicate and robust. This pure physical interaction with materials has transformed Sam’s practice from a curiosity for emptying out domestic pastes and cleaning products into a meaningful creative process.

George Smith

George Smith has developed a highly focussed but relaxed way of using paint. Initially George was wholly absorbed by tactile processes and created large scale works using his hands as his main tools. More recently George works on mid-scale canvases using a brush to apply paint once in a while throughout the day. He will often sit next to a canvas for a long time before making a mark. But when this happens it appears highly spontaneous and unpressured by an over consideration of the result.

Darryl Spencer

Darryl generally makes large-scale, abstract paintings. He is a prolific mark-maker with an intense preoccupation for viscose materials. He likes to paint using expressive and repetitive movements, rapidly covering his picture surface. Darryl also draws, often using his own image and words in combination with his paintings.

Marion Willis

Marion works across a range of media from drawing, painting, animation, filmmaking, and photography. As well as engaging in collaborative activities, Marion loves working independently often creating a stack of drawings which she will later paint over with a large brush and plenty of water. She also enjoys creating self-portraits using video projections, painting directly onto the projected surface with a loose gestural action.

Carl Sexton

Carl works on multiple scales using paint pens, brushes and sponges to build images out of dense clusters of marks. His work embraces pattern and alongside his larger paintings, Carl creates an abstract language out of endless lists of words which are meticulously cut, edited and collaged to create large complex drawings.

Displayed at Whitbread Digital, London


Gemma engages in physical painting using gesture in a joyful and celebratory way. She uses large, heavy brushes and applies bright colours to large surfaces. Her movements are sometimes dictated by the response to music she chooses and interactions with other artists. Gemma produces works on paper and canvas simultaneously and vocalises her responses with key phrases throughout the day.

Displayed at Whitbread Court, Houghton Regis

Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan creates paintings with vibrant washes of colours of various consistencies. Composed largely of vertical and horizontal sweeps worked and reworked across the canvas, his paintings develop gradually by building up layers of translucent marks. As part of the structure of his work, Jonathan frequently intersperses painting with a separate drawing activity, either on paper or in his sketchbook. These compositions in pencil depict characters and lettering revealing his personality and humour, sometimes referring to specific people or favourite food and drink.

Michelle Roberts

Michelle has drawn and painted throughout her life, spending much of her free time drawing small, intricately worked images in her sketch books as well as ideas for the canvases she produces in the studio sometimes over many days and weeks. Michelle has refined a dense and highly personalised approach to image making. Working methodically across each canvas, section by section, she creates colourful and complex worlds that each have a distinct logic and meaning.