Shopping in Leipzig

Whether you’re looking for local retailers with unusual goods or shops with big-name brands, you’ll find it all in Leipzig city centre. Everything is within easy reach on a relaxed stroll through the city. Major shopping centres and unique markets also await you in Leipzig.

Popular shopping streets

Affectionately known as “KarLi”, there’s always something happening on this street in southern Leipzig. Expect a vibrant mix of food vendors and retail stores. Cafés and bars pop up between the predominant fashion boutiques selling lovely clothing. However, there’s also bookstores and some delicatessens on this long street and the side streets off it. Wonderful diversity.

Looking for something special? If so, you just have to take a trip to Karl-Heine-Strasse in the trendy Plagwitz district to check out its shops. The west of Leipzig is home to creatives, artisans and designers selling unique goods you won’t find anywhere else. Of course, there’s plenty of culinary delights on offer if you need a quick snack.

Wandering around Leipzig
Leipzig’s city centre is home to around 350 shops both large and small that are best discovered by simply going for a stroll. Long-standing specialist stores, beautiful arcades and the historic Messehöfe courtyards exude a sense of grandiose retail charm. Petersstrasse and Grimmaische Strasse in particular are highly recommended streets. Leipzig is a superb shopping destination!

Weekly markets



Shopping centres

Höfe am Brühl
This inner-city retail centre invites visitors to shop, stroll and grab a bite to eat. Featuring 130 shops and food outlets, the complex offers a huge variety of goods ranging from fashion items to electronics to children’s toys. A shopper’s paradise at the heart of the city that is within easy reach and has something for everyone.

Promenaden Hauptbahnhof
The largest rail terminus in Europe not only boasts fascinating architecture but is also home to numerous shops, cafés and restaurants across three levels. Regular events provide even more reason to visit. Many stores here also open on Sundays, unlike others in the city. Any time spent waiting for trains is sure to fly by.

Speck’s Hof
You’ll find luxury articles of all kinds at Speck’s Hof and the neighbouring Hansa Haus. The oldest retail arcade in Leipzig, it’s just a stone’s throw from the Nikolaikirche. Its magnificent design – with several artworks and heavenly glass ceilings – makes the building a real attraction and a highlight for visitors.


Weekly markets
Leipzig was long considered one of the most important trading centres in Germany. As a result, the city’s weekly markets are steeped in tradition and take place regularly throughout the Leipzig area. In the city centre, markets on Marktplatz and Richard-Wagner-Platz offer all kinds of fresh produce and treats for a small snack.

Flea markets
If you enjoy browsing and uncovering hidden gems, you’ll feel right at home at Leipzig’s flea markets. We can particularly recommend the flea market on Festplatz Cottaweg, the antique and art market on Galopprennbahn Scheibenholz and the covered Feinkost flea market. Get hunting for a bargain!

Christmas market
With around 300 stalls, the Leipzig Christmas market is one of Germany’s biggest and most popular. You’re sure to be amazed by the cultural and culinary diversity. There’s also an extensive programme of fringe events with numerous concerts and performances. Enjoy the festive atmosphere in the heart of Leipzig!

Looking for a hotel in Leipzig?

Situated in Eastern Germany, Leipzig often takes visitors by surprise. The city of art and culture is home to plenty of tourist attractions, museums and events, and keenly supports its creative scene. It’s no surprise, then, that some people consider Leipzig a “new Berlin”. Maybe the time has come for you to pay this multi-faceted city a visit! Our Premier Inn Hotels are the perfect base from which to explore Leipzig.