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Speedy, relaxed travel choices in Leipzig mean that getting around is pretty easy. The city’s buses and trams make up an excellent local public transport system. You can also travel flexibly by car, taxi or bike in Leipzig, allowing you to get around free of transport timetables. Happy travels!


The local buses in Leipzig run at regular intervals from clearly signposted stops. You can also change freely between bus and tram to reach your destination. Find the fastest route for each journey and buy cashless tickets in the “Leipzig mobil” app. Don’t forget that the timetables change depending on the time of day.


Get around by bike

Train station


In the city centre, the tram is generally the fastest way to get around. The extensive tram network comprises 13 lines and over 500 stops. The trams tracks are separate from the road, meaning that you’re not delayed by other traffic and can get to your destination quickly. For longer routes to the outskirts, it’s best to take the S-Bahn, the regional rail system.


If you drive to Leipzig or rent a car when you arrive, it affords you flexibility when travelling around the city. When visiting a tourist attraction, it’s best to leave your vehicle in one of the city centre’s many covered car parks before walking the final stretch. Doing so saves a frustrating search for a parking space.


Getting around by taxi isn’t cheap, but it can be a practical choice in some situations. Later in the evening, the public transport in Leipzig runs far less frequently. To save having to wait long periods, you can always order a taxi. While you’re at it, you could ask your driver for his insider tips to the city.


In summer, getting around on a bicycle is a popular alternative to the sometimes hot and stuffy atmosphere on public transport. The Leipzig public transport companies support cycling with “nextbike”, a service which provides high-quality rental bikes from many locations in the city.


Short stretches can be easily completed on foot. Taking this option also allows you to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Some parts of the city centre are designated pedestrian zones where you don’t have to worry about traffic around you.

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Situated in Eastern Germany, Leipzig often takes visitors by surprise. The city of art and culture is home to plenty of tourist attractions, museums and events, and keenly supports its creative scene. It’s no surprise, then, that some people consider Leipzig a “new Berlin”. Maybe the time has come for you to pay this multi-faceted city a visit! Our Premier Inn Hotels are the perfect base from which to explore Leipzig.