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From Stokes Croft to the street food stalls of St. Nick’s, Bristol has one of the finest food scenes the UK has to offer. You can treat your taste buds to multi-course tasting menus, or simply a massive sausage roll. Honestly, Bristol caters for everyone. But with so many great options, it’s tough knowing where to start. That’s why we’ve done the dirty work; munching through the menus to bring you some of the best places to eat in Bristol.


As Bristol boasts some of the best eateries in the entire country, we’ve dedicated a page to them. So when you’re wondering where to go for dinner, you can find our pick of the best restaurants in Bristol all in one place.

To give you a taste, it includes Poco and their seasonal British tapas, Nutmeg’s modern take on Indian cuisine, the locals’ favourite Pasta Loco, the waterside world restaurant Za Za Bazaar and much, much more.

Za Za Bazaar


When the craving for caffeine arises, coffee aficionados should look no further than Full Court Press. It’s a wonderful little independent on Broad Street in the beating heart of Bristol city centre. It says ‘Speciality Coffee’ on the window, and you better believe it.

The beans they use are carefully sourced from around the world and brewed to perfection by a team of top-class baristas. They’ll give you guidance on what to order from the menu. And while we can’t claim to be experts when it comes to coffee beans, we know a good pastry when we see one, and their pastéis de natas are some of the best in the business.

Playground Coffee House

You’ll find Small Street Espresso on – you guessed it – Small Street. The tiny independent coffee shop is one of the city’s hot spots for a quick cuppa. There’s not much in the way of seating, but this gives it a great atmosphere and the close quarters means you can watch the baristas work their magic. If you overhear someone order a ‘hit and go’ but you can’t find it on the menu, fear not – it’s a flat white to takeaway, with a shot of espresso while you wait.

Ever wanted to drink coffee on a swing? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Nevertheless, if you want to give it a go, make your way to St. Nicholas Street where you’ll find Playground Coffee House, Bristol’s favourite board game café. The swings are a niche attraction, so you’ll have struck lucky if they’re free. They’ve got a wide range of board games from old classics to the downright obscure. It’s no gimmick, though; this is a great little café. The coffee is up there with the best of Broad Street and Small Street, their selection of teas is quite exceptional, it’s also a licensed bar, and has their cakes homemade by co-owner Lilly every evening.

Wondering where to find the best sausage rolls in Bristol? Head towards the train station. No, we’re not taking you to Greggs! In the arches of Temple Meads, you’ll find Hart’s Bakery. It’s one big open space, so you get to see their master bakers at work and can glimpse their glorious golden croissants the moment they leave the oven. Their cakes and pastries are outrageously good. Their speciality is sourdough, but, words barely begin to describe the sausage rolls – they’re life-affirming.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll want to try out the cakes from Ahh Toots in the Glass Arcade of St. Nicholas Market. Visually, they’re some of the most fantastic cakes you’ll ever see. Every one of them is unique; like a work of art. In fact, they look so good, you almost don’t want to disturb them, but trust us, they’re downright delicious too.

One last café worth mentioning is Baristas Coffee Collective, which is just down the road from our Bristol City Centre (Finzels Reach) hotel. As far as coffee shops go, it’s one of the city’s stalwarts, having first opened its doors in 2000. It’s a great location – a halfway house between Temple Meads and the heart of the city centre – it’s unpretentious, the staff are friendly and it’s just a great spot for a pitstop.


We’ve already mentioned Ahh Toots in the Glass Arcade, but it’s not the only excellent eatery you’ll find in the food section of St. Nicholas Market. Eat a Pitta features in our top restaurants in Bristol.

Grillstock does slow-smoked BBQ meat so good it could make a vegan salivate. Bristol’s the birthplace of Pieminister, with the Glass Arcade being one of the city’s three locations. The gyozas – Japanese dumplings – from Eatchu are a delicious snack option too. And there’s much, much more. Just head down and see what sets your taste buds tingling.

St. Nicholas Market

The Harbourside Market is another one of Bristol’s favourite street food destinations. The main market takes place on the weekends but midweek, the harbour’s also engulfed in the tantalising smells of Street Food Thursdays. Regular traders include For Mice & Men, the masters of the grilled cheese sandwich; Tasty Ragga and their Caribbean BBQ; The Little Taquero, serving authentic tacos out of a mighty-cool vintage Renault van; Shred Fresh and their pho-style noodle pots; and Raclette Raclette, who make cheese-lovers’ wildest dreams come true.

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