Our bed and bedding

At Premier Inn, you’re not just getting out of the right side of the bed – you’re getting out of the right bed! In our hotels, you’ll find a luxury kingsize* bed’, guaranteed to send you off to a great night’s sleep. Combined with a toasty duvet and your choice of pillows, our bed is the stuff of dreams.

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At Premier Inn, we know about sleep

Our mattresses:

  • have over 1,000 individual pocket springs to provide extra support wherever and whenever it’s needed
  • help circulate air through the mattress which can help regulate your body temperature
  • promote airflow and improve moisture management
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Buy our bedding

Everyone loves feeling snug in super-comfy bedding at night, so why not treat yourself to some hotel-quality pillows or a duvet to enjoy in the comfort of your home?

Take your pick from our great-value range of hotel bedding – the same bedding that you’ve come to know and love in our Premier Inn hotels – available in soft synthetic fibres or breathable natural materials.

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Which pillow will you plump for...?

Your next stay at Premier Inn just got even comfier. We’ve introduced a choice of pillows in every room to make sure you always get a great night’s sleep. 


So if you prefer to nod off with a bit of support behind you, you’ll find firm pillows on the bed. Or if you’d like to snuggle up against something luxuriously cosy, you’ll find softer pillows on top of the wardrobe. 


It’s all part of our unique guarantee offering you a good night’s sleep or your money back. 


If you sleep on your side...

If you sleep on your side your pillow should fill the space between your ear and the outside of your shoulder. Try a firm pillow. You may need more than one if you have broad shoulders.


If you sleep on your back...

You don’t want your head to be pushed too far forward – and you’ll also want support for your neck. Try two soft pillows, one firm, or a firm pillow on the bottom with a soft one on top.


If you sleep on your front...

If you sleep on your front try one soft pillow – because if your head is raised too high off the bed, you may strain your neck.


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* A small number of rooms have twin, double or single beds.