Cycling in Dundee

Often known as the City of Discovery, Dundee is famous for its world-class museums, rich history and scenic waterfront location. Nestled at the junction of the River Tay and the North Sea, Dundee also holds claim to being Scotland's sunniest city, making it an ideal setting for outdoor adventure. Here are just a few of the picturesque trails you can cycle in Dundee.

Best for exploring the city: The Green Circular

Dundee is a surprisingly bicycle-friendly city, with a 27-mile Green Circular route encircling the entire city. This well-signposted route takes you past many of the city's attractions, as well as parks and viewing spots, making it easy to get a feel for the local area and do a bit of sightseeing from your bike. 

The main loop also connects to a number of quiet city-centre routes set out by the local council on the Dundee Cycle Map, which help you go just about anywhere by bike.

Best for off-road thrills: Templeton Woods

A shady green oasis located just outside the city centre, Templeton Woods is packed with trails ideal for mountain bikers of all levels of ability. With broad pathways suitable for newcomers to off-road riding, to challenging Mountain Bike Skill Trails for the more experienced, this is a fantastic place to enjoy a stimulating bike ride.

Best for panoramic views: The Law Loop

Dundee Law is an extinct volcano that was last active almost four million years ago, and which has long been a site of settlement in the area. A looming backdrop to the modern city, this 572-foot peak offers panoramic views over the surrounding area. The Law Loop is a short trail with a few steep sections that will take you to the top and through the surrounding woods and gardens.

Best for families: Camperdown Tracks

Skirting around the edges of Dundee's largest public park, the Camperdown Tracks are a pleasant place for a family bike ride. Cycle through peaceful woodland, past ponds and gardens, and take a break to visit the Wildlife Centre and learn about the critters that make the park home. There are also football pitches, play areas and lots of annual festivals and events held in the park, making it easy to turn your cycling adventure into a full day out.

Bike hire, clubs and more

Not planning to bring your own bike to Dundee, or already visiting and keen on a spur-of-the-moment cycle? The following local companies offer bike hire, as well parts, accessories and other cycling-related products and services:

Dundee Cycle Map
Spokes Cycles
Easy Ride Cycles

Dundee also boasts a vibrant and active cycling community, with plenty of bike clubs ranging from the highly competitive to the purely social. Many clubs organise group rides along scenic or challenging routes, so have a look at some websites before your visit and see if any upcoming events suit your interests and level of ability. Try CTC Tayside for full-day excursions at a leisurely pace, or the Dundee Thistle Road Club or the Dundee Wheelers for a mix of scenic and competitive rides. 

The Discovery Junior Cycling Club is ideal for young riders eager to hone their skills, while the Dundee Mountain Club features mountain biking amongst its excursions.

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