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20/02/2015 | Get online on us

Remember those lethal telephone wires, never-ending dialling tones and weekly trips to the cyber cafe? What a far cry from the world of today. Getting online isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a basic human right.

So when you told us you wanted free Wi-Fi, we understood. And we listened. From now on, free Wi-Fi for up to three devices (per room) is available in each and every one of our hotels. 

You can check your emails, update your FaceBook status and browse until your heart’s content anywhere in the building - no matter if you’re waiting for a workmate in reception, tucking into dinner at the restaurant or unwinding in your room. 

If you need a super duper quick connection - for downloading larger files - you can upgrade to our Ultimate Wi-Fi. It only costs £5 for 24 hours.