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04/08/2014 | We Heart Cyclists

Cycling fever has gripped the nation. What with the Tour De France 2014 having made its UK debut, whizzing round Yorkshire before hitting Cambridge and London, amateur cyclists everywhere are donning their lycras (well, some more than others) and setting off on two-wheeled adventures.

The ‘TDF Effect’ - as we like to call it - had such an impact that since the Grand Départ, Premier Inn hotels across the country were inundated with bike-related enquiries like never before. Just as the phone lines were cooling off, along came the Tour Of Britain after a five-year hiatus, and they were ringing off the hook again. And we’ve been delighted to tell those wanting to know if we can accommodate their bikes that Yes! we can. In the words of our spokesperson: 

‘At Premier Inn, we welcome people who want to bring their bikes along and make the most of the UK and its superb attractions. We’re always here to make sure people get a good night’s sleep before a day of cycling.’ 

Either you’ll be able to keep your beloved two-wheeler in your room or else we’ll store it in a safe place for you. So, if you want to embark on that nationwide tour, or fancy having your bike with you just in case, our ever-so-friendly bike policy makes it easy.