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24/02/2012 | World’s largest group hypnosis session marks opening of Heathrow Terminal 5

To celebrate the opening of Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 5, we invited hypnotist and TV presenter Dominic Knight to cure 73 people of their fear of flying. Recent research revealed that 1 in 20 Brits never leave the UK because they’re too scared to board a plane. We thought it was time to help out. 

“People’s fear of flying can be a result of a previous bad experience or a fear of the unknown,” explained Dominic. “Hypnosis can be a powerful and effective way to overcome the anxiety in record time.”

First, the ‘aviophobics’ were put in a trance with the help of a swirl board and calming music. Once they were fully hypnotised, Dominic recited a speech designed to convince them that their next flight would be a pleasant experience. Richard Kavanagh was pleased with the results: “My mother developed a fear of flying after a terrifying experiencing, and I inherited it from her. After the hypnosis, I’m not concentrating on the journey but thinking more about the destination. I’m actually looking forward to seeing if it works when I get on the plane.”

For Dean Madge, General Manager of our Heathrow Terminal 5 hotel, it's all part of the service. “It’s great to be opening another hotel in the local area. What better way to celebrate than by breaking a world record and helping out our guests. We like to go the extra mile for our guests, and today, curing their fear of flying is part of that.” 

Now not only will our guests enjoy a great night’s sleep in one of our super-comfy beds and love being less than a mile from Terminal 5, hopefully they’ll enjoy their flight too.