Hotels in Cleethorpes

North Lincolnshire has a number of great beachside spots to relax, and hotels in Cleethorpes can put you next to the sea for summer fun in the area. Get the best of the surf, sand and sun with Cleethorpes hotels from Premier Inn.

Premier Inn hotels in Cleethorpes offer affordable accommodation for travellers year-round, so you can visit without breaking the bank. Visit local theme parks and historical sites, or find Cleethorpes' best shopping spots with hotels in the area.

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What to do in Cleethorpes

Visitors to Cleethorpes hotels won't be short on ideas for days out in the area. Throughout the year, the Cleethorpes Leisure Centre has a number of indoor activities, and the town centre offers plenty of shopping for visitors.

However, Cleethorpes really shines in summer, when the sun comes down on its golden beaches. Take a ride along the promenade on the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway or the Lollipop Road Train - each a dazzling sight to behold and a fantastic way to see the area.

Pleasure Island Theme Park should be another item on the list of things to do in Cleethorpes, as it offers rollercoasters, free-fall rides, live stunt shows and more.

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