Introducing our best bed ever

Introducing our best bed ever

Drift off in the warm burrow of a luxury* king-size Hypnos bed, snuggled deep under a toasty duvet topped with a choice of firm and soft pillows.

Our new bed is the stuff of dreams. With a thousand pocket springs supporting a super-comfortable pillow top mattress, this deluxe bed is crafted using modern materials and techniques for enhanced relaxation. It’s been rigorously tried and tested to match our exacting standards to ensure you get a great night’s sleep, guaranteed.

Our next generation bed is rolling out across our hotels from 2015.

Why it’s our best bed ever:

  • Over 1000 individual pocket springs sit independently within the mattress and move separately, providing extra support wherever and whenever it’s needed.
  • Each spring sits in its own pocket and creates a little bellow of air each time it moves - helping circulate air through the mattress, which in turn helps to regulate your body temperature.
  • A thick wool comfort layer provides a luxurious, extra-cosy layer, while natural hollow fibres promote airflow and improve moisture management.

Now you can buy our bed

For the first time ever, you can sink into a deep sleep every night in the comfort of your own home, with your very own Premier Inn bed from bespoke bed-makers Hypnos.

And – because of the number of beds we buy from Hypnos every year (we are the UK’s largest hotel chain, after all) – we’ve been able to secure you a great price on this luxury bed.

To order simply call Hypnos on 0845 5199 695*, or email

*Lines are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

* rolling out over 2015. Limited availability.