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24/02/2012 | Mass hypnosis session cures Brits of their fear of flying

73 Brits who suffer from a chronic fear of flying have been cured as a result of the world’s biggest hypnosis session to tackle the phobia.


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Heathrow Hypnosis

The ‘Heathrow Hypnosis’ session was conducted by renowned hypnotist and TV presenter Dominic Knight, to mark the opening of the new Premier Inn at Heathrow Terminal 5. The session was designed to help those who suffer from a fear of flying, aiming to put an end to the sleepless nights experienced before boarding a plane.

With the Heathrow runway in the background and planes landing and taking off throughout the session, Dominic used a combination of hypnosis elements, including a traditional swirl board and calming music, to place the 73 plus phobics under a trance. Once the group were fully hypnotised, Dominic was able to spend time talking them through a specially formed speech so that when they awoke they knew their next flight would be a pleasant experience.

Dominic Knight commented, “People’s fear of flying can be a result of a previous bad experience or a fear of the unknown, either way it is shocking to hear that the phobia is affecting so many people’s lives, if one family member has the phobia it can restrict the whole family from travel."

“Those with Aviophobia who brave a flight often experience extreme anxiety and panic attacks showing signs of distress which makes the journey uncomfortable for them and their fellow passengers."

“Hypnosis coupled with the 14 Second method is a powerful and effective way to overcome the anxiety and the fear of flying in record time. It was great to be able to do it on such a large scale.”

Dean Madge, General Manager of Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 5 says, “It’s great to be opening another hotel in the local area, and what a better way to celebrate than to break a world record but also helping our guests with a problem that has prevented them from travelling before.”

"We like to go the extra mile for our guests, and curing their fear of flying to ensure they get a great night sleep before a flight is all part of the service.”

The ‘Heathrow Hypnosis’ took place following recent research which revealed that one in 20 Brits never leave the UK because they are terrified of flying – with millions suffering countless sleepless nights before takeoff, and some admitting to missing weddings, birthdays, stag do’s and even funerals due to their overwhelming phobia.

Richard Kavanagh, who travelled from Redditch, Birmingham for the hypnosis session said, “My mother had developed a fear of flying after experiencing a terrifying flight and her anxiety towards catching a plane has been passed down to me and my family.

After the hypnosis session with Dominic, I’m not concentrating on the journey but thinking more about the destination. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how it worked.”

The new Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 5 with over 400 rooms is one of the largest hotels in the UK’s biggest budget hotel chain’s portfolio and is located less than a mile away from Heathrow terminal 5, making it in an ideal location for those looking to stay somewhere before or after a long flight.

Premier Inn offer a good night guarantee; a promise of a good night’s sleep or your money back. With Premier Inn now having a hotel situated at all major UK airports, it is the ideal location for those needing a good night’s sleep ahead of a flight so they can wake up fresh and ready for takeoff.

Rooms at the new Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 5 are now available to book at

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