Getting around Munich

Things to do in Munich | Getting around

The Bavarian state capital is huge. Nevertheless, it’s easy to get to all the major sights and other locations, too. The public transport network is well developed, there are plenty of cycle paths and the short distances between city centre attractions are easily covered on foot.


Munich’s bus network is very well thought-out. The city’s blue buses can be split into two types: the metro buses, with two-figure route numbers, travel between the major transport hubs and are intended for longer journeys. City buses, with three-figure route numbers, travel shorter distances within parts of the city. This means it’s easy to get from A to B.


Get around by bike

Munich bus


Trams are a fast way to get to your destination. There are 13 tram lines across the Munich metropolitan area. In most cases, there are stops within a few metres of popular sights and attractions. Tram 19 is an excellent and cost-effective tour route, stopping at a whole host of major landmarks. Buy a day ticket to hop on and off as you please.


Another alternative in the Munich public transport system is the U-Bahn, the city’s underground rail system. It’s a major network, with over 100 stations and a total of over 100 kilometres of track. The main benefit of taking the U-Bahn is that delays are a rare occurrence. Ticket machines in U-Bahn stations sell tickets valid for all forms of public transport in Munich.

Airport transfers

More than 40 million travellers pass through Munich Airport every year. If you land here, a transfer is a good way to reach the city centre, as the airport is a considerable distance to the city’s north-east. You can hop into a taxi at your leisure or book a transfer to your hotel in advance. Alternatively, S-Bahn lines S1 and S8 plus a range of bus routes connect the airport to the city.


If the weather’s good, there’s nothing better than a bike ride through Munich! As a tourist, renting a bicycle and hitting the cycle routes is an excellent way to discover the city. “MVG Rad”, part of the Munich local transport corporation, is one of the largest and most popular bicycle rental companies. You can rent and drop off bicycles at various points throughout the city. Why not get a little exercise while exploring in the fresh air?

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