The humble suitcase just got an upgrade

At Premier Inn, we know that from UK beach holidays to city getaways, there’s a lot of packing up that takes place before checking in. And – with short breaks in the UK being off the table for over a year now – that old suitcase of yours has probably just been collecting dust in a corner.

With restrictions lifting across the country and everyone finally thinking about booking romantic breaks or family trips again, we decided it was time to show long-neglected suitcases some love ahead of long-awaited getaways. That’s why we’ve launched Wheelies: The Suitcase Mechanics, a limited-time only workshop that’s been upgrading the humble suitcase with more stylish and practical designs.

Created to help all kinds of travellers in their hour of need, Wheelies suitcases turn packing woes into wins with a collection of uniquely designed luggage that are perfect for beach trips, hiking holidays and everything in between.

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Welcome to Wheelies: The Suitcase Mechanics

We’re excited to bring additional style and functionality to the trusty old suitcase, and hopefully the experiments in our garage will inspire you with new and exciting packing possibilities when it comes to summer holidays.

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Packing has never been so fun

We’ve curated an exclusive, limited-edition luggage collection featuring designs such as the Champagne Super-Roller – a refrigerated bag that can hold full-size bottles of bubbly for special occasions – the Scoot-Case, ridable baggage that lets you cruise right through your journey, the Tech-Case, mounted with equipment to safely carry smart tech, and more.


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The full range of exciting suitcase designs includes:

The full range of exciting suitcase designs includes:

●        Scoot-Case - The scooter-suitcase hybrid that allows you to ride your baggage

●        Boom-Bag - A suitcase crossed with an audio speaker

●        Champagne Super-Roller - A refrigerated bag that’s perfect for holding bottles of bubbly on special occasions 

●        Buggy Bag - A case mounted with a child’s safety seat to make UK holidays with kids easier

●        Off-Roader - A hard-wearing case with off-road wheels

●        Volt Case - Fitted with distinctive and eye-catching lights

●        The Tech Case - Mounted with equipment to safely carry smart tech

●        The Super Stacker – a suitcase with handy pull out shelves


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Be in with a chance of winning a custom Wheelies suitcase!

We have 20 souped-up suitcases to giveaway! For the chance to get your hands on one, email your name and address with ‘Suitcase Giveaway’ in the subject line to before 6th August 2021. We’ll then choose 20 lucky winners at random to receive a suitcase from the Wheelies: The Suitcase Mechanics curated collection.

Now you’ve seen our amazing new suitcases, fancy finding out which one would suit you best? Are you an ‘over packer’ or a ‘pro packer’ - take our quiz and find out what your packing personality is!

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Tips from the mechanics

If you can’t book a slot in the garage in time for your holiday, there are a few simple things you can do in your own home to help your suitcase stand out from the crowd.

1.      Accent & Accessorize Your Case
Everything from a colourful climbing carabiner through to a trendy piece of fabric or simple ribbon can help break the monotony of a standard case. Try clipping these to zippers, tying them to handles, or even sowing to exterior seams for added style.
Maybe it’s even time to put all those old festival wristbands and lanyards to use by incorporating them into your case?

2.      Go Full Picasso
With fabric paint you can transform your suitcase into a canvas. Why not encourage your kids to be mini-Picassos and give them free reign? If you can’t face the mess, you could try painting on anything from their favourite characters through to patterns…or even symbols that remind you of some great holidays you’ve had in the past.
For those of us who need a hand when it comes to painting – there are always plenty of templates or stencils to be found online.

3.      Use Colourful Tape on Your Handles
Try wrapping colourful duct tape around your suitcase’s handles to add an easy dash of flair to an otherwise plain case. Big and bold colours work best – and combining colours can help you stand out even more.
You could even try something quirkier like ‘caution’ tape, or ‘this way up’ tape!

4.      Add a Patch of Personalisation
Simply purchase and sow on patches onto prominent places on your suitcase.
You could even experiment with creating patches of your own by cutting out pieces of trendy fabric into your desired shape, and then painting on a fun design with some fabric paint before you sow it on.

5.      Up Your Tag Game
Ditch the standard tag in favour of bolder and more colourful affair. Or maybe even try creating one of your own? Leather can be purchased in strips from craft shops and is hardwearing. Simply cut out your desired shape, and then use a craft-knife to score in your information onto the tag… or sow a patch of fabric onto one side that can easily be written on to.
They can sometimes be found in souvenir shops too. With this in mind, who says you have to stop at one? Your case could become a walking memento of all your best holidays.

6.      Get Wheelie Stylish
Scooter or skateboarding wheels can often be a match for suitcase wheels. Check to see if your case has easy-to-replace wheels and think about swapping them out for a flashier set.
What about unleashing your inner kid by replacing your wheels with a light-up pair?

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