Hotels in Nuneaton

Whether you’re visiting friends or seeing the sights of Warwickshire, it makes sense to stay in our Premier Inn hotel in Nuneaton. This bustling market town has a rich trading history, from ribbon weaving and mining to textiles and hats. It also has lots on its doorstep to keep you more than busy, including Bedworth, Astley Castle and the refreshing Tunnel Brewery.

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Nuneaton Hotels

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What to do in Nuneaton

Visit Nuneaton Priory
It’s down to this Benedictine nunnery that Eaton became Nuneaton in the 12th century.


Pop to Bedworth
Another historic market town, whose Nicholas Chamberlaine Almshouses are well worth a visit. 


Explore Astley Castle
Strictly a fortified manor, this moated castle has a gateway, lake, church and ‘ghost of pleasure’ gardens.


Take a tour of Tunnel Brewery
And afterwards, sample a pint of the microbrewery’s traditionally hand crafted beer or ale.

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