Hotels in Purfleet

Whether you’re seeing the sights or visiting friends, it only makes sense to stay in our hotel in Purfleet in Essex. While you’re in the neighbourhood, take the opportunity to see the lovely Rainham Marshes or Purfleet’s Heritage and Military Centre. If retail’s on your mind, look no further than the fabulous Lakeside Shopping Centre.

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Purfleet hotels

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What to do in Purfleet

Explore Rainham Marshes
Take a stroll amidst the birds - there’s so much to see at this RSBP nature reserve.

Hit the shops at Lakeside
If you’re going to shop till you drop (into one of our comfy beds), Lakeside Shopping Centre is the perfect place.

Visit Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre
This fascinating museum is housed in the original 1759 Royal Magazine of Gunpowder.

Check out Arena Essex Raceway
Pick a Sunday and watch the stock cars do their ‘banger race’ on the tracks.

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