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Hotels in Chatham

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Located in North Kent and just a short distance from London, hotels in Chatham reveal a well-preserved coastal community. Chatham's docks have shifted from a point of maritime trade to one of leisure and business.

From hotels in Chatham, guests will be able to learn much about the naval history of Britain, plus visit the HMS Ocelot, a submarine docked in Chatham. Part of the Medway cluster of towns, Chatham has many of the historic attractions and shopping centres of the area.

Hotels in Chatham

Enjoy the dockyards from Chatham hotels

The town of Chatham developed as Britain developed its naval resources, with docks being built and workers flocking to the area to help facilitate maritime trade. 

While the use of the Chatham Docks as a port ended in the 1980s, the facilities have taken on a new life as a historic attraction. The Chatham Historic Dockyard is a maritime museum and has three warships on display - the Victorian HMS Gannet, the HMS Cavalier destroyer and the HMS Ocelot, a submarine.