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Visit the popular seaside town of Broadstairs and soak up the sun with hotels in the area. Premier Inn hotels offers affordable and convenient rooms in Broadstairs, meaning guests can get the most of their travels to the area without breaking the bank.

Located just 80 miles east of London, Broadstairs can be a easy-to-reach destination for a quick weekend break from the city. Alternatively, the Broadstairs area can keep visitors entertained for longer visits with a variety of attractions, shopping and, of course, the beaches along the sea.

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    Station Green Marine Terrace Margate CT9 5AF
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    Tothill Street Minster Ramsgate CT12 4AG
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Things to do while staying at Broadstairs hotels

Having been a resort town for a number of years, Broadstairs offers visitors plenty to do during their stay in town. First, the summer sun draws many to the town's beaches, including Joss Bay, for relaxing days in the sun or the thrill of water sports in the sea. What's more, a visit to Kingsgate beach reveals another of Broadstairs' natural wonders - towering white cliffs that overlook the sea.

Atop these cliffs rests Kingsgate Castle, a historical sight in the town. Other historical attractions in Broadstairs include the Crampton Tower Museum, dedicated to railway innovator Thomas Crampton, and Charles Dickens' former home Bleak House, which also houses a museum dedicated to the history of smuggling.