Local Taxes

Everything you need to know

In 2014, Germany introduced a city tax for tourists. This means that anyone staying for leisure will have to pay a certain amount, depending on where they’re staying, and how long they’re staying for. Currently, the city tax only affects certain German cities, such as Berlin and Frankfurt. 100% of this tax is paid to the relevant tax office in the city you are staying in.

What this means for you

If you’re visiting Germany on a leisure trip, then you’ll have to pay a fee if the tax applies in the city you’re staying in. If you’re visiting Germany on a business trip, then you’re exempt from paying the city tax, but you’ll have to complete a waiver form providing details of your stay upon arrival. Waiver forms and city tax amounts differ from region to region.

Proving you're on a business trip

You can get an exemption from local taxes by providing proof of business travel. This varies from city to city so please check the table below before arrival to find out what is required.  



Waiver form



 No form required. 

 At check-in, you will be asked to confirm you are travelling for business purposes as   well providing your business address on the check-in registration card. 




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