04/05/2018 | Premier Inn says "I do" to helping guests prepare for a big day with the UK's first wedding vending machine.

May marks the traditional start of Wedding Season, a time when Premier Inn welcomes thousands guests who are off to enjoy someone’s big day. With so many wedding parties coming through their doors, Premier Inn team members receive plenty of special requests from guests who are keen to get to their celebrations on time.

From hiding a horse and carriage from an unsuspecting bride, to finding fast fixes for forgotten wedding rings, Premier Inn team members have been asked for it all. Today, the company has come up with a novel way to show their dedication to ensuring wedding day conundrums are solved - the UK’s first Wedding Vending Machine.

Packed with wedding essentials to help with the ten most common challenges faced by guests, the Vending Machine has been installed in the Premier Inn at London County Hall – one of its most popular locations for bookings by wedding guests*.

Its contents were selected following a survey to identify the most common mishaps that wedding guests face. Powered to diagnose a problem, guests can choose from a list of queries including ‘My shoes really hurt’, ‘I’m having a bad hair day’, ‘I have an outfit SOS’ and ‘I’m a dance floor disaster’. Once a query is selected, guests follow some simple steps to dispense the item or service they desire.

The Wedding Vending Machine includes:

1. Re-sizable wedding rings – team members at Premier Inn hotels revealed real-life examples of wedding rings being lost before the ceremony. These re-sizable rings will save the day for anyone who is in a jewellery fix.

2. Clean shirt and tie –an accidental stain won’t stop Premier Inn guests from looking the part

3. Grab and Go speech – writing one is nerve-wracking enough but if you haven’t quite mastered the art of prose, or you left it too late, then this ‘fill in the gaps’ speech can be personalised, so there’s no chance of upsetting the bride or groom!

4. Wedding gift, card and pen – the problem isn’t too many toasters, it’s forgetting to bring anything to the party. The Vending Machine releases a £50 experience voucher along with a card and a pen.

5. On-call dance teacher ­– so that you’re remembered for making all the right moves on the dance floor.

6. On-call Make-up artist – Forgot your make-up bag? This makeover from a professional make-up artist will stay put from morning until the early hours to make sure you are looking big day ready from start to finish.

7. One size fits all dress – to replace a forgotten, damaged or marked dress when you just don’t have time to run out to the shops.

8. Something old, something borrowed, something new – because Brides can misplace at least one of the three. The pack includes an old silver sixpence, new lucky horseshoe, a letter with some borrowed advice and a blue envelope to deliver it all in.

9. Hair styling package ­­– everything you need to fix a hair disaster on the day.

10. Flip flops and blister plasters – they may look great, but heels or new shoes are not always the best footwear for dancing in until the wee small hours.

Premier Inn’s Wedding Vending Machine will be in the hotel chain’s London, County Hall location for a limited time.

For more information contact pressoffice@premierinn.com

*Research conducted by Premier Inn during 2017-18

Erika Malik from Premier Inn London County Hall says:

“Every year thousands of wedding guests across the UK stay with us. Our Premier Inn teams have heard some really interesting requests and always go that extra mile to make sure that guests are big day ready. We know how easy it is to forget something important or have a last minute mishap. From last minute dancing lessons to resizable wedding rings our vending machine will answer the most common conundrums that we know our guests repeatedly come up against.”