15/05/2018 | Interactive Whisky Map Marks Every Distillery You Can Visit In The UK

To celebrate World Whisky Day on Saturday 19th May, we’ve created the first interactive whisky map of the UK.

For both whisky connoisseurs and novices alike, the map marks every whisky distillery in the UK that you can visit. From the most northernly distillery, Highland Park Whisky Distillery on the Orkney Islands, to the most southernly, Hicks & Healey in Cornwall, you can easily discover the nearest one to you. Perfect if you fancy learning more about the process behind some of the nation’s best whiskies.

Unsurprisingly Scottish distilleries dominate the map, with 76 distilleries over the border that you can visit. Although many are in the islands and highlands, if you’re looking for a whisky city Glasgow is your best option with The Clydeside Distillery and Auchentoshan Distillery both within easy distance.

Outside of Scotland, the map reveals a good cluster of distilleries in the south. London is actually home to three distilleries, Bimber Distillery, The London Distillery Company and the East London Liquor Company – all relatively new distilleries that are looking to challenge the more established distilleries in Scotland.

View the map here: http://bit.ly/UKWhiskyMap 

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